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We offer the following services: Computer Recycling Ltd is dedicated to Quality Service, Documentation and Transparent Green Processes and has completed an Environment Audit from a Leading Global Brand as well as being a Service Provider to Unisys New Zealand Ltd. All our processes are Green and Secure. We receive a tireless stream if eWaste, both re-useable and recyclable and have developed and developing sustainable streams for both whole items, components and the commodities. While we specialise on Technology Reuse, we're also dedicated to ethical recycling. For all non-usable items, Computer Recycling Ltd ships only through Basel Permits with contractual arrangements to one of Singapore's most advanced eWaste disposal and recovery factory's. As well as a contract with one of Europe's best e-wastes disposal and recovery plants. We offer a comprehensive range of Data Destruction services, both in house and onsite, for Servers, Legacy, Networking, Telecommunication, Desktop ad Notebooks with audit and certification We also offer a full Product Destruction Service, with audit and certification
Computer Recycling Ltd 3 Southdown Lane Penrose Auckland Ph (09) 5255518 Cell 027 611 3582 info@computerrecycling.co.nz

I hope you're all glad to see the year end and that you can now have a restful holiday period, maybe it is a clean out time.....

Here is our Opening Hours for this Seasons Break

  • Open Wednesday 21st December , 8.30am to 5pm
  • Open Thursday 22nd December , 8.30am to 4pm
  • CLOSED Friday 23rd December
  • CLOSED Saturday 24th December
  • CLOSED Sunday 25th December
  • CLOSED Monday 26th December
  • CLOSED Tuesday 27th December
  • Open Wednesday 28th December , 8.30am to 5pm
  • Open Thursday 29th December , 8.30am to 5pm
  • Open Friday 30th December , 8.30am to 3pm
  • CLOSED Saturday 31st December
  • CLOSED Sunday 1st January
  • CLOSED Monday 2nd January
  • CLOSED Tuesday 3rd January
  • Open Wednesday 4th January 8.30am to 5pm<
  • Open Thursdayy 5th January 8.30am to 5pm<
  • Open Friday 6th January 8.30am to 5pm<
  • Open Saturday 7th January 10am to 3pm<

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