About e-Day


"Make Every Day, an E-waste-Day, keep your enviroment "

Because of the pending Landfill Bill changes Inorganic collections, will most likely be discontinued.
Actually New Zealand lags many countries in Landfill laws; like in Malaysia and Japan, its a crime to throw toxic substances into land fill. And it is a crime to throw toxins into our own landfill, law or no law, as the rain washes through the Toxic e-Waste, components of the toxins go back in our Water Table, the same water we drink and irrigate our produce with.

But what choice do we have?

With laws soon to be passed to stop computer equipment going into Landfill, companies in New Zealand have already moved to Exploit an opportunity, by charging people up to $25 an item [Computer Monitor] to dispose of their computer equipment in a Green Manner. The truth be known, after charging you that large sum, they then put it in a container and sell the container of equipment to an overseas buyer, so they win both ways.

But the great thing about the E-Day, it was FREE!

Now Computer Recycling Ltd announces, that Every Week Day, can be an E-waste-Day, you can help save the planet, one computer at a time

An E-Day, is a day that you can dispose of all your unwanted Computer Equipment, without placing it into land-fill and without paying a single dollar, for the conscientious care by Green Disposal.

Now, you can dispose of all your expired Equipment free of charge by delivering it to the new Computer Recycling Processing Yard.

New Location Coming Soon