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New address : '30c Alfred Street, Onehunga, Auckland'

Computer Recycling Ltd, Ships CRT Glass to Europes finest ewaste Factories CRT Recycling UK, is a Factory Dedicated to the Processing of this Toxic Leaded CRT Glass. Having achieved an OFFICIAL END OF WASTE STATUS , from the European EPA. CRT Recycling UK, maintains a high standard of Environment Safety, Quality tests carried out internally on every shift, and externally on every week and every month Computer Recycling Ltd is proud to have an exclusive agreement with CRT Recycling, their automated processes offers cost and process savings, will maintaining the highest environment friendly standards.

Notice - We applaud the Government, the Ministry for Environment and the Honorable Nick Smith, for their new 2010 eDay initiative. We thank them for their Industry Leadership and give them our full cooperation, to provide the New Zealand public with 100% Free ethical Recycling for this one day a year. We'd like to remind the public of New Zealand that Computer Recycling Ltd provides this Free service to the public, currently to Auckland, with no tax payer funding, drop off times being six days a week, every week of the year, just drive in and drop off with no fuss of the cues.


Notice - Computer Recycling Ltd is the only New Zealand based and Privately owned company that holds two separate Basel Exports Permits. One is for general eWaste, this includes all computer and electronic equipment. The second is for the waste CRT glass that comes from old computer monitor and televisions. Between these two export permits we can responsibly dispose of all retired computer waste, in an ethical and safe manner, ensuring these toxic items don't turn up again in any landfill in the world. One of the most important elements in this, is the disposal of the CRT [Cathode Ray Tubes], because each CRT, has an average of 1 kilogram of lead. When these go to landfill, they leach lead toxins, that if these get back into the food chain in anyway, can cause serious damage to humans and live stock. Our disposal process for the CRT monitors runs at no profit, so we sponsor this activity from our other departments. Every CRT devise that needs disposal, is torn down to the Glass Tube only, these are then packed and exported in accordance to Government specifications. The glass then goes through a factory that has been approved for this process, there its cleaned and sent to a glass to glass disposal plant, where they're made into new devices, including CRT's


Notice - Computer Recycling has been frequently asked whether they are involved with this years eDay event of 2009. Last year we were involved in the eDay process, however we did not agree with procedures for disposal of the eWaste and pulled away from the CANZ event.

Notice- There has been further news of MED's investigations into eDay and its partner. Computer Recycling Ltd would like to clarify; this national eDay event and their scrap broker; has no association with us. We pulled away from this at the end of 2008, being not able to agree with its processes. For any further information please phone or send an email to Graeme

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