Decommision, Asset Recovery

We Provide Commercial and Enterprise Services, these are charged accordingly Specialist Technology Services

We Providing Specialist Technology Services

    • Decommissioning

Audited Reporting for Data and Product Destruction, both in-house and onsite. For a large range of equipment including desktops, servers, network devices, enterprise servers, docutechs and telecommunication equipment. Please email us for a quote.

    • Asset Recovery

Obsolete and End-of-life equipment can contain residual value at a material level. Unlike the offering of our general free plan, where resource is placed into sorting. DARS will purchase Batched or Sorted assets. This will be on a case be case evaluation and only for bulk sorted items or large and heavy metal based euipment.

    • Asset Purchase

For inventory based Assets, ex-lease and or more suited to the Reuse/Resale market, DARS will purcchase such, by inventory lists or site inspections. On a case be case bases, and is only for bulk sorted batch lots.

    • Logistics

With our proven freighting partners and warehousing, DARS offering collection and consolidation, plus freighting solutions for Specialist Equipment. We also can provide freight forward plans for all End-of-life Equipment

Technology Competency
    • Computer , PC , Small Server
    • Large Server and Data Storage
    • Networking and Internet
    • Telco, Telecommunications, GSM
    • PABX, I.P. Communications and Handsets
    • Radio, Broadcast
    • Security, Camera, Video, Digital
    • Notebook, Palm, Handheld, Tablet, Cell
    • UPS, PSU and all Power Supply devices
    • Docutech and Photocpoier

Customer Base

    • Government, SME, Coporate, Education and Domestic


    • Removal, Disposal and Destruction of Confidential and Sensitive Information from all Technology devices.
    • Onsite disconnection, de-installation and Removal.
    • Inhouse and Onsite Data Destruction, DoD standards, all technologies including: Server, Data Storage, Telco, Telecommuniactions, Phone Systems / I.P. And PABX, Network Devices, Personal Computers, Notebooks, Tablets, UPS / Power Supply and Distribution, Cabling
    • Warehousing, Transportation, and Logitics
    • Refurbish and Remarketing
    • Enviromental eWaste diposal.

About Us

First established in 1991, as Dunamys Ltd, a Technology Service provider, DARS has emerged into the providing secure services for the current technology challenges. Providing for Asset Recovery, to realise a value return of End of Life technology. DARS provides a profitable return for all Sorted and Asset Tagged redundant equipment. Providing also secure logistics. Including De-installation and Decommisioning of high value and critical Data Centre equipment, including removal, warehousing and disposal. Transportation, warehousing and decommisioning of medium to low value components, for secure audited disposal in our facility.

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