Environment & Data Policy

Environment and Data Policy

  • Computer Recycling runs an efficient Environment Management System, sorting all equipment and items received into their various types, grades and categories, to ensure:
  • All e-Waste exported is through NZ-EPA approval only
  • All e-Waste exported is under international Basel Permits.
  • All exported e-Waste is processed only through ISO14001 certified factories.
  • All processes are reviewed yearly.
  • All client information, data and programs are confidential and under no circumstance will be remain on any storage device, all digital information is professionally destroyed.
  • All client branding and asset tags are confidential and removed
  • No retired or waste electronics, plastic or glass is placed into dumpsters
  • Maximized retained from landfill [95%]
  • Any residue, less than 5% will go to environment controlled disposal only.

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