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Free, How?

How Can Computer Recycling Ltd achieve the free of charge disposal of E-Waste, where others Charge?

While we have looked at the charge system, we were always convinced that if we can make a dollar return, then why should we charge for the service. The main costs in this business of salvage; is Retrieval & Sorting, so like any business, the better we can do these processes, the better service we can provide to the consumer.

Help us, to Help you.

You also can "Help us, to Help you", simply by bringing your retired equipment to our Dock in Penrose for Free disposal, more the Better, how about helping a neighbor to bring theirs as well.

Is it Green?

YES we process all the equipment in an environmentally friendly manner, just the same as the companies that charge for this service. And actually we do far more, because we also tear-down various product to their raw materials and refurbish other items.

And we do so and in a better way.

Computer Equipment divides into Two Streams.

  1. What can be Reused
  2. What is Recycled

Our Approach

Computer Recycling Ltd uses a Technical approach; Dividing out as much equipment as possible, for Reuse, these items are then tested and or, refurbished then marketed by our parent company.

Then for the equipment that can't be reused, these items are prepared, and or, dismantled and packaged for recycling.

Recycling of e-waste also has two main streams.
  1. What can be done in New Zealand
  2. What can't be done in New Zealand.

"Why Can't be it done in New Zealand?"

Computers and all e-Waste are a complex mix of common metals, precious metals and plastics. Ultimately, the precious metals have the most value, but the equipment and the process to effectively separate all these into their unique forms; is a large very expensive machine.

Many companies have tried to do this by different approaches in New Zealand, [as we do] but we're always hamstrung by the lack of volume needed to cover the large set up and processing costs. And by Volumes, these processing giants need hundreds of tons of equipment each day, to be cost effective. New Zealand just doesn't have the volumes to make the full dismantling and metal recovery of most e-waste material viable.

"Does the Product go to a Green Processor"

All the equipment sent over seas for recycling, by Computer Recycling Ltd, is sent to and processed by an ISO certificated Recycler, and the equipment is shipped in accordance to the Basel Convention, that New Zealand complies to. This Basel Convention ensures no e-Waste can be shipped anywhere that is not a Government approved recycler. The Ministry of Environment in both the shipping country and receiving country has to approve of the shipment. This means the destination of the goods, has to be to an ISO standard Approved recycler.

"Are you sure more can't be done in New Zealand?"

I have been in the Electronics and Computer Industry all my working life, some 30 years now. I have serviced, repaired, and established a successful service company. For the last 10 years we've seen a huge change in the computer industry and the problem we have now is the cost of labour in New Zealand, versus the value of redundant equipment and the relative quantities of the equipment being disposed of ; so that the economics just can't work as we'd like it to.

For Computer Recycling, the Effective Technical sorting and salvaging for refurbishment, off-sets the cost of recycling the e-Waste. I believe this is the best model. Its working successfully, we're disposing of Hundreds of Tons a year and not charging a Dollar to the consumer to do this.

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